Get your Child Ready for a Digital Tomorrow

We are moving into an age of digital technologies and our future generation needs to be ready for that

Early introduction to data , data science and digital technologies, not only helps your child stay ahead of the curve, but also helps nurture their inherent curiosity, analytical skills and problem solving aptitude

Why digitizED?

Regular LIVE classes

By professionals who come with sizeable industry experience from top MNCs. Our instructors hail from premier institutes like IIT and NITs and truly understand the demands of students both from an academic and a professional perspective

Small batches of 4-5 students

To ensure each student gets the right amount of attention and guidance. Our batches are scheduled after school hours, keeping in mind the convenience and other priorities students may have 

In your preferred language

All our courses are delivered in through a combination of English and other Indian languages to ensure every kid has the best learning experience and optimal understanding of the topics

At the price which is affordable to you

Our mission is to help India's future get ready for a digital tomorrow. All our courses have been created to make them most affordable and pocket friendly for everyone.

Why learn Coding & Data Science?

Early introduction of coding and analytics, data science not only increases your child's awareness towards these emerging areas, but also help in sharpening their cognitive, logical and analytical skills and get them ready for the future. With the emergence on online learning facilities, learning these skills is now easier and more affodable than ever.

  • Creativity

    Creator mindset

  • Analytical Aptitude

    Logical mindset

  • Problem Solving

    Solution mindset

  • Algorithmic Thinking

    Clients satisfaction

Our Coding & Data Science Courses for Kids

We offer Short term and Mastery courses for students between GRADES 3-9 .

  • GRADES 3-6
  • GRADES 7-9



1499 INR

This course will  introduce kids to the the fundamentals of coding such as loops, logics, algorithms etc. which would act as the building blocks for future courses on Data Science and Computing.



999 INR /  month

This course will  introduce kids to the the fundamentals of coding such as loops, logics, algorithms etc. which would act as the building blocks for future courses on Data Science and Computing.



1499 INR

Managing and analyzing data has become an essential skill for modern day. Through this course we would teach you how to analyze data and make different types of charts for easy understanding. Also, this course will cover the fundamental of Data Science.



999 INR /  month

Coding and Data Science PRO is a course ideally suited for students from grades 7-9 which helps them to learn the intermediate to advanced concepts and applications of coding and data science through live classes and multiple real time projects.

How DigitizED classes work?

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Live Classes

every week of 60mins each, focusing on interactive learning of key coding and data science concepts


Real life projects

focusing on  application of coding and data science concepts to real life problems


Regular Quizzes & Assignments

to ensure appropriate grasping and retention of concepts taught during the LIVE classes


Study Materials, Videos

for reference and self study

Why your Child needs to learn Data Science

If we closely observe the history of industrial revolution, we will see each each industrial revolution has resulted in a significant change in terms of demand and supply of skillsets. Old skills redundant while demand for new skills emerged with manifold increase in new opportunities

At digitizED, we ensure that your child not only build an understanding and liking for data and data science, but in the process develops core skills which shall help him or her grow and succeed in any discipline of their choice

We actively structure all our courses as a mix of fundamental concepts, coupled with practical exercises, projects and assignments to help your child truly internalize the concepts and become confident in applying them to a range of problems.