Mastery Course : Coding and Data Science PRO( GRADES 7-9)

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Coding and Data Science PRO is a course ideally suited for students from grades 7-9 which helps them to learn the intermediate to advanced concepts and applications of coding and data science through live classes and multiple real time projects. Through this course kids are introduced to the world of data science, its applications and how to make sense of data through analysis and visuals. This course also covers various coding technologies related to web development which prepares your kids to become an expect web application developer.

This course will prepare your kids to make best use of data around us to develop AI based application.

At the end of this course, your kid should be able to create AI enabled applications and become expert in bringing ideas to life as a computer programmer


What Will I Learn?

  • Data visualization using MS Excel
  • Python programming
  • Data Analysis using Python
  • Basic concepts of Data Science
  • Python web framework and Django
  • Web application development
  • Artificial Intelligence based application development
  • Become a certified DIGITIZED PRO
1,299.00 / month for 12 months